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Healthcare Solutions

NAS has been working at the forefront of specialty insurance for healthcare providers for over 35 years. We understand the current and emerging risks and the changing landscape of providers. We insure over 300,000 physicians and medical professionals across a spectrum of risks and a wide range of organizations.

If you are looking for regulatory protection like MEDEFENSE Plus for a single doc, or a custom-fit solution for a network of hospitals or medical groups, we have the range of products and expert underwriters to help you provide the right solution for your clients.

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Employment Practices and D&O

Provides liability insurance protection for the business entity and/or its directors, officers and employees for allegations, administrative proceedings and suits relating to: Wrongful dismissal, discharge or termination of employment Employment-related misrepresentation Violation of employment discrimination laws Sexual and other harassment Wrongful failure to hire or grant tenure Negligent evaluation Retaliation Invasion of privacy Employment-related defamation, infliction of emotional distress   MORE


The recent expansion of government regulations make healthcare providers vulnerable to allegations of fraud, abuse and the misuse of private healthcare information. RAC (Recovery Audit Contractors), ZPIC (ZoneProgram Integrity Contractors) and Commercial Payor task forces are aggressively reviewing Medicare and Medicaid providers for compliance with proper billing, HIPAA, STARK and EMTALA laws.  While commonly referred to as “fraud prevention efforts,” the allegations in these audits are rarely fraud or abuse, instead, they’re subjective allegations that leave every healthcare provider vulnerable to being accused of improper billing MEDEFENSE™Plus from...   MORE

Non-Standard Physicians

Professional liability coverage for physicians and surgeons who have had claims frequency or severity issues, board actions, or have been, or are currently on, probation. Ancillary Providers: The following providers may also be included as additional insureds: Physician Assistants Registered Nurses Registered Nurse Practitioners Technicians Psychologists Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists Physical Therapists   MORE

e-MD™ Cyber Liability For Healthcare

Physicians and other healthcare entities are increasingly exposed to privacy related claims such as lost laptops, rogue employees, hacking and virus attacks which can result in an embarrassing and costly loss. e-MD™ is NAS' cyber liability product that offers insurance protection designed for the unique Network Security & Privacy related exposures faced by physicians, dentists, medical groups, hospitals and other healthcare related organizations. Coverages:   Network Security & Privacy Insurance - Includes coverage for both online and offline information, virus attacks, denial of service, and...   MORE

Miscellaneous E&O for Healthcare Professionals

Whether you’re a physician providing consultative services, a company providing healthcare consulting services, or a Medical Director seeking protection for administrative duties, we have enhanced our E&O program with more robust coverages for a growing list of exposures. Coverage can extend to consulting companies. NAS can cover most medical-related services for risks that fall outside a medical malpractice policy due to no direct patient contact.   MORE

Social Services Professional and General Liability

Beyond traditional medical malpractice insurance, NAS offers expanded PL/GL coverage to meet the growing needs of personal, family and community services organizations.  Eligible classes include, but are not limited to, the following: Adult Day Care Mental Health Facilities & Services Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers Methadone Clinics Physical/Developmental Disability Facilities Employee Assistance Referral Agencies Family Counseling Respite Care Group Homes Shelters Crisis Hotlines Meals on Wheels Transitional Living   Ineligible Classes: Foster Care Exposures, Adoption Agencies, Juvenile Detention Centers Ineligible States: Alaska, Hawaii, Florida (Miami-Dade, Palm & Broward...   MORE

MEDEFENSE™ Plus (Reinsurance Basis)

Our renowned MEDEFENSE™ Plus is also available on a reinsurance basis for medical professional liability insurers. Available as a customized integrated product of a primary med mal policy, NAS provides this breakthrough regulatory billing E&O coverage to insurers of all types and sizes. In addition to the insurance coverage, NAS also provides comprehensive support services including customized policy wordings, underwriting, risk management resources and expert claims handling.    MORE

Miscellaneous Medical Malpractice (Allied)

NAS’ Allied Medical Malpractice insurance offers some of the broadest medical malpractice coverage in the market. Limits for Professional and General Liability are available up to $6,000,000. Unique features of the facility include our e-MD™ and MEDEFENSE™ Plus endorsements. e-MD™ cyber liability provides coverage for patient notification and credit monitoring costs, network security and privacy, data recovery costs and media liability. MEDEFENSE™ Plus provides insureds essential coverage for HIPAA, EMTALA, and STARK violations (including allegations of over-billing and RAC audits.) Sexual Misconduct, Hired and Non-Owned Auto, Defense Outside the Limit, and...   MORE